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How to build the wall of Troy Edit

It is awkward to be Aphrodite. To have your brothers and sisters all competing over two sides of a war. A war that Aphrodite started.

                On one side, by the Greeks, stood Aphrodite’s brother Poseidon, her sister Athena, and her mother Hera. On Aphrodite’s side, for the Trojans, stood her brothers Apollo and Ares. Aphrodite knew that her deal with Prince Paris caused anger, since he got Helen. King Menelaus of Sparta was not happy to see his wife Helen running off with Paris. But Aphrodite did not care, she got Paris to say she was the best Goddess of them all. Aphrodite got what she wanted.

                As the Gods and Goddess planed against each other, a war raged on earth. For ten years the Greeks sieged the lands of Troy, determined to get revenge on Paris for taking Helen away from Menelaus. Towns and villages surrounding Troy fell after the Greeks landed along the shores of Trojan, known today as western Turkey. The war would have been quick, but there is one small problem. Well, a large problem. A nine meter tall (30 feet tall) problem made of cut blocks of stone and clay bricks, reinforced by mud-brick breastwork. The walls of Troy.

                After many attempts, the Greeks could not break the walls of Troy. Troy has everything they need within the city, they could stay behind the walls. Troy watched smiling as the Greeks attacked the wall. It would take ten years to beat Troy’s walls, when Athena would give the Greek hero Odysseus the idea of the Trojan horse. Only with religious help could the Greeks finally beat Troy. If Athena did not help the Greeks, then the Greeks would have lost their siege. It took the actions of Gods and Goddesses to beat the walls of Troy.

                I remember this fact, as I sit on my couch. I think about my defense against enemies on the game Lords Mobile, made by the IGotGames developers. There is no difference between the fables of Greece and the wars of the game. Everyone has their own base, their own city, guarded by their own soldiers and defenses. The wars players have remind everyone of this fact.

There is no doubt that these players have shared their strategies as well. How should one train an Oath Keeper? How can one keep Tattler under control? What is the best way to manage your stockpiles of resources? But it shocks me to see these strategies not mention walls. The guides only glance over walls, like they only make your base look pretty or make you feel epic. If the Trojans felt the same way about their walls, the epic battle of Troy would have ended in a different way. Instead of strategy guides showing the best way to use time or gold, they should talk about how to defend yourself. They should talk about your walls.

When a player joins the game, they are greeted to tutorials and a public chat that spews out guild invites. The player can see their base for the first time and imagine all the possibilities with their new game. The game shows the player towards building their castle, and then building an army to defend themselves. Beside the castle lies a snake of wood that shields the castle from other players, the walls. The wall stands at level one, and the player thinks that it can endure any attack. In truth, tissues are stronger than the tiny wall. A level one wall has only ten hit-points (HP). Now if you’re being attacked by three clubmen and two spear throwing tribesmen, then you’re fine. But in this game a player has at least 20 to 30 thousand solders at any given time. You would be safer using kittens as your defense than the walls the game gives you.

You can upgrade your walls, just like your castle or any building you have. But when you open up the information window for your wall, you can see just how pointless it is to rely on upgrading the wall. At level two, the wall has only 30 HP. At level three, only 50. It isn’t until level 10 that you have a wall over 1,000 HP. Only at level 25 (the highest in the game) do you break the 10,000 HP barrier at 12,500 HP. I saw bases fall apart in minutes with a 12 thousand HP wall, with weaker levels falling in seconds. The only thing a wall of 12 thousand HP is going to keep away is your chances of survival.

I remember my friend telling me a good quote about RTS games. He said that in a RTS, you “Don’t build taller, you build smarter.” There are other ways to make your walls stronger. When you build the academy, select Defense from the buttons on the research menu. You will be greeted by trap crafting skills and basic trap technologies. Scroll down until you see the tech that will save you, the Wall Strength I Tech. Select this technology, and press the information button. The differences between upgrades and research are night and day. At just level one in the tech, you gain 1,000 HP for your wall. At level two, 3,000 HP. At the maximum of level 10, you’ll have a wall with 125,000 HP. That is ten times larger than the highest level wall, for cheaper than if you tried to build a taller wall.

To show the strength in a 125,000 HP wall, see how strong a 27,500 HP wall is. While I was playing the game, my guild leader surprised me by rallying against a player. The player had no guild, no allies, lower levels than us, and he was hoarding 150,000 gold. The player was a glorified ruin site with a username. The player’s saving grace was the wall at 27,500 HP. My guild leader gathered his 30,000 solders with 2,000 siege weapons. I joined my leader with an army of 20,000 solders, and 5,000 siege weapons. Together we left for this player’s base, as I eagerly awaited the victory message to appear on my menu bar. A little ding is heard, as the letter arrives. I pull the letter out to read what victory we achieved. But I am left speechless. An army of 50,000 men and siege weapons failed to break the walls. More embarrassing was the death count. 2,000 men died in the attack, and my guild leader lost 6,000 men. The player’s wall shrugged off our attack, losing only 10,000 HP. We huddled up to rebuild while the player sat on the gold with a smug grin on his face. A 27,500 HP wall held off an attack from 50,000 solders and siege weapons.

Imagine having a wall with 125,000 HP to defend yourself.  A wall like that will protect you from hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers. The best part is that the wall HP upgrades don’t stop there. Scroll down some more on that research list, and you will see a Wall Strength II and a Wall Strength III on that list. When all three techs are completed, that equals a 550,000 HP wall. Still not impressed, and want a stronger wall to hold back anything? The game has you covered. Back out of the Defenses tab of the academy, and scroll down the menu to see Upgrade Defenses. Select this and you’ll see more techs that can improve your wall strength. Wall defense upgrades, wall durability upgrades, and even wall repair upgrades (for the rare occasion that someone scratches the paint). Scroll down more and you will see more of those researchable technologies. These technologies improve your walls by percentages instead of hardline numbers, so they act as multipliers to your wall strength. In just the Wall Durability technologies you can get a 270% boost to the HP of your wall. That’s a 2.7 multiplier for your current wall HP. To crunch numbers here; if you got the total 550,000 HP from the Defense techs, and the 12,500 HP from a level 25 wall, and multiply that sum by 2.7 for the Upgrade Defenses tech, you’ll have a wall with 1.51 million HP. A wall so strong that only Athena could find a way to bring it down.

Nothing great in life comes quickly. To get a wall with 1.5 million HP does not happen overnight. It takes tons of resources and a lot of time to complete. My wall is currently 57,500 HP, after working on my wall for a week. The next upgrade for me costs 500,000 gold to activate. It’s a struggle to gather and fight for the resources needed, but it isn’t impossible. I know of four interchangeable ways that you can gather resources you need to build your powerful walls.

The first option is passively collect resources by upgrading your production buildings. From the lumber yards and mines to the rolling fields and luxurious manors, these resource buildings can help you get the resources you need overtime. It is a slow and steady process, and the vault can protect the resources you get. But for those in a hurry, there are other options.

The second option is to join a guild and do trade for the resources you need. This isn’t a common option, but it can happen. Deal with fellow guild members and trade some wood for some stone, or some gold for some ores. Your guild mates are there to help you, so don’t be shy and ask them if they can help. The walls you will have can support other guild members during attacks, if they need it.

You could also salvage the resources from world map locations. You can collect crafting materials for better equipment at the same time with this option. Just be careful with taking gold from ruins on the map, as some players will attack you for the gold you are gathering while outside of your walls.

The most effective option I have seen, and the one that I use the most, is saving all of those little packets of resources the game gives you playing regularly. During monster hunts, you can attack monsters and collect resource packets for storage until you need them. This is really useful for when you save up gold to research a wall upgrade, since you don’t want a player to take your gold. The vault can protect your resources from enemies for the early to middle game stages, but only your walls and standing army can protect your gold from being stolen by others. By keeping your gold in little packets, you prevent anyone from stealing them, and you can save as many as you want to get the upgrades.

If you keep on top of your walls, the walls will protect you from harm. The stronger, the better. Then begin to worry about your resource allocation, or your army design. With walls as strong as Troy, no enemy can stop you. Enjoy your prize Paris. Let your walls of Troy hold all enemies away while you enjoy your Helen. For only walls strong enough to keep out gods, is worthy of keeping the treasures of gods.

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