In this section, you will find helpful tips for building your turf!

  • Research is king! Don't underestimate research.
  • Turn off construction tips in game, it will only lead to peril in your overall turf.

To turn off tips in-game, Go to settings, then functions, then uncheck the box where it says "recommended quests". That's it!

  • Manors - Having 10 manors at level 10 will give you a 50% boost in troop training! Each level above level 10 will increase your training boost.
  • Barracks - Having 3 barracks at level 10 will give you a total of 1650 troops that can be cooked at one time. It's up to you if you want more.
  • Infirmary - Having 3 Infirmaries at level 10 will give you a total of 36k troops that can be healed. REMEMBER!!! Only 60% of your troops from Attacking/Rallying/War for Wonders will be sent to the Infirmary, so keep that in mind when you send out troops. On the other hand, ALL troops injured while defending/gathering/occupying/ or reinforcing will be sent to the infirmary.
  • Build Even - Upgrade everything and research as much as possible before leveling up your castle. This takes time but if you are patient you will be rewarded.
  • A majority of the time your Food will blink red (if your troops are more than you produce) DON'T PANIC, There are RSS (resource) tiles to harvest some stuff from.

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