Current Chain of Command Edit

Leader - This person has final say. ALL directions must be followed when given by leader.

Rank 4 - If leader is not online, Members will see Rank 4 Generals as acting leaders. Any decisions will be made by Rank 4 Generals will be taken as if Leaders is giving them.

Rank 3 - Enforce rules and policy in the absence of Rank 4 Generals and Leader. Rank 3 does not have final say, 3rd ranking members will have to be approved by Rank 4 or leader prior to making a decision.

Rank 2 - Rank 2 members will sit around and look pretty.

Rank 1 - Rank 1 will bring Rank 2 members drinks and food when asked. In addition to fanning Rank 4 Generals and leader, you will be required to bring Rank 4 and leader grapes. FRESH grapes. :)


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